Top Coffee Growing Countries

Top coffee growing countries

  It has been estimated that half a trillion cups of coffee are drank per year, and it is not only used for coffee but the bean by way of decaffeination provides caffeine for colas, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. The Arabica bean makes up 70% for the coffee grown, but the Robusta is much easier to … [Read more…]

What is Coffee Art

coffee art

  Coffee art is the patterns made in the foam toppings of your espresso drinks. To make this you need a fresh brew of espresso with your crema, and steamed milk heated to a certain temperature. Steamed Milk To get the micrafoam in your milk a Barista will add steam to the milk, heating it … [Read more…]

Brazil Coffee Producers

coffee Brazil

  About one third of all coffee is produced in Brazil, making it the largest producer in the world. There are ten thousand square miles of coffee plantations, with most being located in the south eastern states.¬†   In two thousand eleven Brazil was the world leader in green coffee, arabica, and instant coffee, producing … [Read more…]

How To Make A Good Coffee

make a good coffee

  How to make a good coffee at home. If you would like a good tasting coffee in the morning then look for beans that were roasted in the last two weeks to use for your coffee. Taste Every one will have a different¬† preferences for the taste of there coffee, as an example you … [Read more…]

What Is A Barista?

What is a barista

  The barista is a professional who makes espresso and cappuccinos, beyond the quality of coffee beans, the barista is in charge to prepare the best coffee for you. If a person doesn’t know much about coffee, they can ruin it. When a barista is good, it doesn’t matter if the quality of coffee beans … [Read more…]