What is Coffee Art


Coffee Art is the patterns made in the foam toppings of your espresso drinks.

To make this you need a fresh brew of espresso with your crema, and steamed milk heated to a certain temperature.

Steamed Milk

To get the micrafoam in your milk a Barista will add steam to the milk, heating it up quickly to about 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once the milk is ready then its time to pour it into your cup of espresso.

Start by pouring the milk above the cup until nearly half full then lower the pour closer to the crema to make the foam appear, and always pour at a steady speed.

When nearing the top move your pitcher back and forth a little so you can form the design of a leaf,  tulip, or heart then draw the milk back through the center of your design to finish up.

For Cappuccino

For a cup of cappuccino inject more air into your milk, and the steam to the desired temperature, and this will give you a thicker milk mix.

To make the design of a heart, tulip, or leafs will take practice and patience.



Barista Lee Kang of South Korea has taken the coffee art to another level, by creating small art works of famous painters on your coffee using cream stained with food coloring. making coffee art at home

Another Barista Chang Kuei-fang from Taiwan draws doggie photos on your coffee.

It takes her about ten minutes to create the art using coloring from espresso, chocolate, or fruit jams.

She stacks up the milk froth on your coffee to create layers so the finished art has a 3-D image effect to it, and she also does cartoon characters and portraits of people.

Most people that order this coffee end up taking photos of it so there coffee gets a little cool before they can drink it.

Coffee Art Form

Coffee is also being used today to create fine art, Angel Sarkela Saur and husband Andrew Saur are putting brush to canvas using pure coffee.

The subjects they paint cover a wide variety including from portraits to coffee themes.

They have received international acclaim for this original art form.

Coffee has been used for washes  in sketches and as shading for some time, but now they use it to create dark hues in there fine art, and there artwork is being displayed in exhibitions in many different countries.

If you want to watch some more videos about coffee you can visit Whole Latte Love YouTube channel.

If you ever wish to  practice your coffee art I hope this article has given you some ideas.

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