How To Make A Good Coffee


How to Make a Good Coffee at home. If you would like a good tasting coffee in the morning then look for beans that were roasted in the last two weeks to use for your coffee.


Every one will have a different  preferences for the taste of there coffee, as an example you might like dark or medium, and the type of bean, Arabica, or Robusta.

Also the country where the coffee beans are grown can affect the taste.

The Grind

You might wont the coffee a fine grind which is good for an espresso, or a medium grind for a pour over coffee, or like poppy seeds for your drip coffee.

Another good tip here is to grind the amount of coffee you will need to make your cup of coffee.


The water you use, will also affect your coffees taste, if you happen to like your tap water then you can use it. You can test your tap water but if you don’t like the taste you can make your coffee with bottle spring water.

Its the minerals in the water that will bring out some of the coffee flavours.

Grinding Machines

If you wont to grind your own beans then the proper grinder is also a must have, as you wont a consistent size to the grind. There are many on the market today, one of the best is the Cuisinart Supreme Grind which is very strong and durable, and probably one of the best money can buy.


A proper filter of good quality should be used so as not to ruin your pot of coffee.

The gold plated filter is highly recommended, and with the paper filters that are disposable, look for dioxin free or oxygen-bleached filters.

A Fresh Grind

To have a very fresh cup of coffee then grind the beans just before brewing.

Two tablespoons of beans is good for a six ounce cup, and for an eight ounce use two and three quarters tablespoons of your favourite beans.


Another thing to remember is if your water temperature is too cool then that will give you a week coffee, and if it is to hot  you will end up with a burnt or bitter taste to the coffee.

The recommended temperature to make coffee at is one ninety five to two hundred five Fahrenheit or ninety point five to ninety six Celsius, another way to know if the water for your coffee has the right temperature is 25 seconds before the water starts to boil.

To make a good cup of coffee that suits your taste is something you will have to experiment with.

And for a fresh brew grind your coffee beans just before using.

How to Make a Good Coffee with pods

Some also prefer the vacuum sealed coffee pods, where you can get a variety pack to try and find the taste you like.

Neurig has coffee makers that will brew up a single cup, and have become very popular, plus it is the most convenient way to make a decent cup of coffee.

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