Good Coffee Mugs


As you have invested in buying good coffee beans, and the best coffee maker so you can have a good cup of coffee any time you want to, it’s time to talk about a Good Coffee Mugs.

After you have brewed your coffee and you know it’s perfect, a good coffee mug helps you to fully appreciate the quality of your coffee.

It’s not hard to find a coffee mug to buy for you as you get in the store, you can find it almost everywhere, even in those garage sales, or you might get a coffee mug as a present it doesn’t matter what the occasion is, your birthday, Christmas, anniversary, any day could be a perfect day to give a mug to someone you appreciate.

But there’s something about the quality of that mug that will help you to fully enjoy that coffee, so let’s talk about it.

What is a mug made of?

You can find mugs made of ceramic, glass, plastic and even steel, each one of these materials will help or not, to keep all the characteristics of your coffee or not.

Why it is important about what kind of material  your coffee mug is made of?

Ceramics mugs.

They were first made many years ago, we could say hundred of years ago, on this category we could include those mugs made of clay and porcelain, this category is known as non metallic, and mugs made this way have some characteristics that makes them good for hot drinks like coffee, that’s why we still can find them in the market today.

Today, you can look for a mug made from glazed ceramics like enamel or Pyrex, they are made of good material and they can hold heat well and will not add any aftertaste to your coffee.

You can find good quality made mugs from Chinese porcelain and Japanese clay pottery to English stoneware. It will be easy for you to find mugs made this way on the market, but sometimes they can be high price.

As a con for this kind of coffee mugs will be that they can break easily, and it’s well know that a broken glass could hold any bacteria and this will not be good for your body, this is in fact a good reason if it gets a crack place in into the trash can.

Glass coffee mugs


Contrary of what you might think, glass coffee mugs are not a good option for a coffee lover, as they are not good on insulation and they won’t keep your beverage hot enough. On this point, glass loses to ceramics.

Glass doesn’t add any smell or flavor to your coffee, and it can be recycled, so these are some good points for a glass coffee mug also.

Glass coffee mugs are perfect for iced and cold coffee beverages.

I should add here and you might agree with me on this point, a coffee mug might not be perfect for hot coffee beverage, but any time you have a hot coffee beverage in a glass mug, they look so nice!


Hard Plastic Mugs.

Hard plastic retains heat well, but it might not be as good for hot coffee beverages, and they can give some unpleasant smells or flavour to your beverage.

Recycled plastic is often used to make coffee mugs, and most of the times these kind of mugs are not the sexiest coffee mugs ever.

Compared to ceramic and glass mugs, I don’t think these are the winners.


Steel Mugs.

This material is the most often used to make travel coffee mugs, combined with other materials.

The reason to use steel to make travel mugs is they can keep the heat well.

A mug made of steel might not be the best good looking mug but they can hold heat well and they won’t add any unwanted smell or flavour to your beverage.

My opinion:

For home, I could say the winners would be those mugs made of ceramic or glass.

For travel, my choice will be those that are made of steel or/and plastic.

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