What Is A Barista?


What Is a Barista, well the barista is a professional who makes espresso and cappuccinos, beyond the quality of coffee beans, the barista is in charge to prepare the best coffee for you.

If a person doesn’t know much about coffee, they can ruin it.

When a barista is good, it doesn’t matter if the quality of coffee beans is not good, the barista will have the right skills to turn it into a great coffee.

What a barista does to prepare a good coffee?

Most of the people who gain the title of barista had been working behind the clerk desk of a coffee shop or cafeteria, most of them had been working long hours before they learn the art to prepare great coffee for you.

Today if you’re interested in learning the art of making good coffee, you can attend to some culinary schools and sign up for a program or a course and become a “barista”

At home, you can also buy some books and read about this art of making coffee.

It takes a few steps to make a good coffee.

The Mexican Juan Jose Arreola explains how a barista makes a good coffee.

First, a barista needs to grind the coffee beans, the barista should know the coffee beans and he or she will know the quality of grind for the coffee beans.

Second, the barista should place the coffee in a filter and will level the coffee and add some pressure on it, the good barista will have the knowledge to do these steps.

The next step is to place the filter in the coffee machine and start the brewing of the coffee, the good barista will know when the coffee reaches its maximum expression.

The last step is to serve the coffee in the right cup.

Arreola explains how to know if the barista has prepared a good cup of coffee, it needs to have some cream on it, in the cream of the coffee you can find the coffee oil and flavor. It also should contain the tiger lines, these lines will show that the coffee has been correctly prepared.

What do you need to prepare a good coffee at home?

Coffee machine.

A good coffee machine will give your coffee the right temperature and flavour.

Coffee grinder.

What makes a good coffee from one to another is how well the coffee bean has been ground.

Coffee beans mixture.

When you buy your coffee beans, (as good wines) it is important to know all you can about it, where was it grown, what kind of coffee bean is it?, how was it toasted? how long has your coffee beans beens toasted?

Coffee machine maintenance.

How well do you know your coffee machine, how often do you give your coffee machine a proper maintenance, the practice you have when you make a coffee.

How can you become a great home barista.

Baristas get their knowledge through time and passion, how well they know coffee grains, how they try new methods to do a better coffee, etc.

Are you ready to prepare a good coffee cup at home, I think you will!

Our Final Thoughts on What is a Barista.

If you’re interested to learn more about how to make a great coffee cup at home, you might be interested on The Barista Book.

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5 thoughts on “What Is A Barista?”

  1. Good arrival easy to read, kept my interest.
    FYI I dont drink coffee so you being able to keep me interested is great.
    The media was good, maybe show a few diffrent types of roasted beans dark to lighter.
    If you had links They did not come out of the text well. I dont remember seeing any and it’s only been a minute since I read your post.
    It looks very promising,

    Sincerly GHOST.

  2. Hello Vin
    Thanks for sharing this post, as a coffee lover, anything to do with coffee, any info is always welcome.
    Now it`s interesting reading your post and understanding the meaning of a Barista.In my country, we do have guys employed to sell coffee on trains and we do call them Baristas but I had never thought it`s the name for someone who understands about and makes coffee.
    Reading your post, one can immediately see you uunderstand about different coffees and proper brewing methods.
    Although I love coffee and been drinking coffee for over 30 years, I have never really concentrated on coffee brewing tricks as I do love my coffee very weak( Coffee Americano we call it) with lots of sugar and no milk.Yes, My coffee must always be sweet.
    Was wondering, where did you learn to brew coffee?are you a barista?

  3. Yummy, coffee! I agree the Barista makes all the difference. Sort of like a great boss can make a crummy job okay, a great Barista can make great coffee out of pretty much any coffee bean. As a coffee lover, Baristas have a special place in my heart. If they really know their craft, they can make great coffee, espresso, or what have you. They will know the proper mixture of each ingredient, just like a chef. I did not realize there are classes that will teach you how be a Barista, I just thought it was on the job training. Do you have experience as a Barista?


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