Best Cuisinart Coffee Makers

Best Cuisinart Coffee Makers are one of the better brands for coffee makers.


The SS-55

12 cups coffee maker.

If you like the regular filtered coffee or the K cups for a single serve, then this appliance has combined the two.

This coffee maker is programmable so if you want your coffee ready at 7 am, this one can do it, and if you forget it on, it will automaticly turn itself off after a set time.

It is also able to use the regular paper filters or the gold tone filter that comes with it.

The carafe sits on a warming plate that you can control the heat to low, medium or high, also if you want a cup while it’s brewing, then just remove the carafe for a cup and the brewing will stop automatically.

It also comes with a clean button when it’s time to clean it up.

The K cup section has its own water reserve of 40 %, also this side serve feature gives you a choice of many different flavours for your coffee.

About the only problem is with the single serve not having any brewing controls, and that you can only brew coffee using one part at a time.

With all the programmable feature on this Cusinart 12 cup coffee maker, it’s an excellent buy, and it has a 3 years warranty.



Cuisinart DCC-3200 SS-12

This is a 14 cups coffee maker.

This coffee maker is one of the best seller out there and brews your coffee hot with its excellent heating element, and also comes with a charcoal water filter system.

The ready temperature for your coffee is about 173 F to 177 F (96 C).

Comes also with the programming ability so you can have your coffee ready at the time of day you prefer.

The Cuisinart DCC-3200 also has the gold tone filter, but can also use the paper filters.

If you like your coffee strong it will automatically adjust for this with the press of a button.

Also with the automatic features you can press one to four to give you how any cups you wont and it will take about six minutes to brew them up.

Like the SS-12 twelve cup if you wont a cup while its still brewing just pull out the carafe and it will automatically shut off and then restart when you put the carafe back.

This coffee maker is also easy to clean with the touch of a button, and is one of the best coffee brewers out there.



The Cuisinart DGB-900BC


This is another twelve cup coffee maker but with the ability to grind the coffee beans just before brewing.

The grinder has an eight ounce capacity for the coffee beans of your choice.

It also has a feature where you can turn off the grinder and just add the pre-ground coffee to the filter which works very well.

This coffee maker will have your twelve cups brewed up in about six or seven minutes, and also with the programmable features it allows you to set it for any time of your choice.

The carafe will keep your coffee warm for up to three hours, if it stayed warm for a longer time that might be better, just my own opinion.

There are many control features on this coffee maker and one that is kind of neat is that you can select the size of your brew from two to twelve cups, and also can be set if you like your coffee strong or mild.

One of the problems with this model coffee maker is that the coffee grounds from the grinding can once and a while clog up, so is best to clean  this quite often to keep it working well.

With the very strong heating element in this model you will get a tasty coffee brew each time, and is one of the best valued coffee makers from Cuisinart.

Our Final Thoughts for the Best Cuisinart Coffee Makers

As this is one of the better brands on the market, you might want to give it a try out.


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