Recycling Plastic Coffee Containers

Recycling Plastic Coffee Containers

The Keurig green mountain coffee company is on the road to Recycling Plastic Coffee Containers. Its expected that by the end of 2018 all K-Cups that are produced in Canada will be recyclable. Recycling Plastic Coffee Containers Polypropylene Plastic Keurig has chosen the polypropylene #5 plastic because it will still give you that great taste … Read more

Cleaning Coffee Makers

If you wont your coffee to stay the flavour  you like, then cleaning your coffee maker will go a long way  to keeping it that way. Different minerals in your water for brewing can slow down a coffee maker after a while. Some say to clean them once a month, while others suggest 5 to … Read more

Coffee With Filters

Coffee Filters

A little history on how the drip Coffee With Filters came about. In 1908, Germany, Melitta Bentz was thinking of a better way to make a cup of coffee. She made holes in the bottom of a brass pot, and then put a piece of paper in it, creating a 2 part filtration system, so … Read more

Top Coffee Growing Countries

Top coffee growing countries

It has been estimated that half a trillion cups of coffee are drank per year, and it is not only used for coffee but the bean by way of decaffeination provides caffeine for colas, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.Top Coffee Growing Countries. The Arabica bean makes up 70% for the coffee grown, but the Robusta is much … Read more

Brazil Coffee Producers

coffee Brazil

  Brazil Coffee Producers make up one third of all coffee thats produced in Brazil, making it the largest producer in the world. There are ten thousand square miles of coffee plantations, with most being located in the south eastern states.   In two thousand eleven Brazil was the world leader in green coffee, arabica, … Read more

The Coffee Grinder

The coffee grinder

If you enjoy your coffee fresh each morning then one of the best ways is to pick yourself up a coffee grinder, and grind the beans of your choice. When you buy your coffee already ground up from the grocery stores, you will notice that it is sealed tight to prevent it reacting with air … Read more

Keurig Coffee Makers

Keurig coffee makers review

Keurig Coffee Makers company was started in Massachusetts in nineteen ninety two, and began making the brewers and K-Cups in ninety eight for the office market. Then in two thousand six Keurig was bought by Green Mountain coffee roasters with the main head office in Vermont. Then again in two thousand sixteen Keurig Green Mountain … Read more